Who buys from AGI?

Customers of AGI might be small businesses with one person or large companies with thousands of employees. Today, we provide commercial products to millions of global clients, including hospitals, colleges, corporations, governmental organizations, dining establishments, and labs.

What kind of products are available?

AGI is the place to go if you need to acquire electronics, contractor-grade power, or office equipment. You can find daily cheap prices and offers on hundreds of millions of items thanks to access to tens of thousands of unique suppliers.

How long does the setup process take?

Starting may be done in as little as five minutes, but account verification could take up to three days. To preserve its exclusivity to corporate clients, AGI checks each business account and requests company details to finish the process.

Will I get a refund if an item is not delivered on time?

The shipping charge will be refunded if the item is not delivered according to the promised date. Refunds for non-Cash On Delivery orders will be processed the next day.

However, Cash On Delivery customers must wait until their products are marked as delivered before receiving a refund. Customers who pay cash on delivery must still pay the shipping cost to the courier, and their refund will be provided as a voucher.